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Tips for a kiss worthy smile

Posted on 12/10/2021 by Evan
Tips for a kiss worthy smileTo have kiss worthy smile you need a fresh breath, and to avoid halitosis ensure that you brush your teeth at least twice a day, brush your tongue so that the bacteria on the tongue is eliminated. Use mouth wash and also make sure that you floss your teeth and use an interdental toothbrush. To keep away bad breath your mouth should have enough saliva since it helps the mouth from drying up. Chew sugar-free gum so that your mouth produces more saliva and keeps you smelling fresh. If you get persistent bad breath it could be due to gum disease you need to visit our dentist for a dental examination and see if you have any oral problems.

Share a kiss not the toothbrush

Bacteria's and viruses causing sore throats, colds, and even Covid- 19 are spread from one person to the other through saliva. Bacteria that live in toothbrushes are spread through sharing toothbrushes and so spread of infections. Replace your toothbrush too after about three months and always remember to brush your teeth.

Use fluoride products

To avoid tooth decay, ensure that you use toothpaste and mouthwash that contain fluorides. The use of fluoride improves your oral health and ensures that you maintain healthy teeth and have fresh breath. Fluoride has minerals that keep your teeth strong like calcium and phosphorous and this is a way of making your teeth strong.

Brighten your smile

Whitening is one way of brightening a smile and this will lift your confidence in public. Tooth whitening is great and has results better if done by a dental professional. Visit our dentist to have a perfect whitening procedure that will brighten your smile and hence have a kiss-worthy smile. Make the dentist and the hygienist your friends by visiting them regularly to have dental checkups and cleaning.

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