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Dentist talking to patient, pointing at digital x-rayAdvancement in technology has brought about an improvement in the quality of examination, diagnosis, and treatment in dental care. Intending to provide better dental care to our clients, Wilson Dentistry offers better diagnostic services through digital radiography.

Digital radiography (digital x-ray) is a diagnostic imaging technique that makes use of digital x-ray detectors to capture and process data before being converted into an image. Unlike film radiography, data is converted and transferred to a computer without the use of an intermediate disk.

Importance of Digital Radiography

Results of digital radiography are processed, presented, and interpreted faster than those of traditional film radiography which must be placed on a lightbox first before they can be read. With this, errors of positioning or motion are easily detected and corrected, reducing retakes or reappointments. Fewer retakes mean less exposure to radiation which is beneficial to your health.

Digital radiography affords better image quality than film radiography whilst providing cost-effectiveness. It is possible to zoom in on images and it is generally easier to use, hence improving the quality of dental care. Digital radiography allows for consultation flexibility as results can be transferred to, stored, and retrieved on various digital devices.

Digital Radiography During Dental Check-ups

As part of the examinations carried out during dental checkups, digital radiography helps to observe and monitor the overall health of the teeth. It also enables detection of prospective diseases like decay, jawbone loss, tumors, cyst, etc. before their actual presentation.

Digital radiography during dental visits is also important to ascertain the position and condition of teeth before dental procedures. In children, it would enable us to recognize where the adult teeth will erupt, if there is enough space for the incoming adult teeth if there is/are impacted tooth/teeth, as well as the state of developing teeth; among others.

Preparing for a Digital Radiography Dental Exam

No special preparation is needed before a digital radiography examination. Brushing, flossing, and rinsing your teeth with mouthwash before arriving for a dental examination should be observed. Any other pre-examination instructions should be observed. Pregnant women are not advised to undergo radiography of any kind, including digital radiography.

Just before imaging, you will be required to take off all forms of facial jewelry, as they can create a radiopaque effect on the image if left unremoved. In doing this, the x-ray machine is placed beside your head. Next, a lead vest is positioned across your chest.

Additional Information About Dental X-Rays

As part of the routine dental check-up, digital radiography may be required but not always. With conditions that are more complex, more radiographs may be required for a thorough evaluation. With the advantage of fewer retakes, reduced exposure to the x-rays ensures health safety. There is no maximum or minimum age to undergo digital radiography. It is a safe, quick, and painless procedure that can be done for anyone, including neonates if necessary.

For preventive oral health care and early detection of diseases (in their mild stages), digital radiography is proven to be useful. To get more information about our digital radiography services, and to book an appointment with us, call Wilson Dentistry at (346) 340-5440 today!

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