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Group of kids smilingParents are often concerned about their infant’s general health and development, but many don’t concern themselves about dental health until the child is older. In fact, a child should visit a dentist by the age of one or within six months of the eruption of their first tooth. For kids, the transition from their primary or “baby” teeth to secondary teeth is a very important time for proper attention and dental care. Preventive care is a significant part of dental health for everyone and our pediatric dentist Wilson Dentistry are invested in your child’s dental development.

Importance of Primary Teeth

It is an incorrect notion that a child does not require dental care because they are too young or they are babies and have only a few teeth. Even though primary teeth are temporary, it is vital to keep them healthy until they are lost naturally. The primary teeth of your child are very important for the life-long development and maintenance of their oral health. Developing proper chewing habits, attention to speech development, and saving space for the growth of permanent teeth are some of the key factors behind the significance of a child’s primary teeth.

What Happens in Pediatric Dentistry?

Regular visits to our pediatric dental professionals are necessary for your child’s good oral health. Preventive dentistry will allow the pediatric dentist to carefully monitor any changes or differences in the child’s mouth. Our pediatric dental care team will systematically examine your child’s teeth and gums for any indication of tooth decay or gum disease. Regular dental cleanings are also important to ensure healthy teeth and gums. Our team will ensure that you have all the necessary information and guidelines to enhance your child’s overall oral health. Also, if signs of any problem are identified, we will explain the problem and discuss with you the recommended course of treatment.

Fluoride Treatment for Kids

It is often recommended that children undergo a fluoride treatment to safeguard their teeth and ensure they remain healthy and strong. Although one of the hardest substances on Earth is tooth enamel, acids from food we consume and bacteria that is always present can eat away the enamel and cause damage. Fluoride is a substance that helps to keep the enamel strong and prevent cavities.

Dental Sealants for Children

Dental sealants are thin protective coats that our specialists will apply to your child’s molars to seal off any deep grooves. Such grooves are mostly quite narrow and too deep for your child’s toothbrush to clean. Sealants cover the grooves and prevent harmful bacteria from entering into them. They are an extremely easy and quick way to protect your child’s teeth. Both permanent and primary teeth can benefit from applying sealants.

Our professional Katy dental team is invested in making your children feel comfortable and safe. We try to create a fun and engaging environment. Preventive dentistry for children plays an important role in securing a lifetime of good dental and oral health. Call Wilson Dentistry today at (346) 340-5440 to schedule an appointment with our pediatric specialists to provide your child with a kid-friendly dental experience!

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