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Man receiving dental cleaningNo one is excluded from needing a dental cleaning in their lifetime. It is something that everyone needs on a regular basis. A dental cleaning is intended to remove plaque, tartar, and to prevent the start of infection. Cleaning could take two forms: the preventive or corrective form. When it's preventive, you are trying to avoid future dental issues. On the other hand, when it is corrective you are having the cleaning to correct dental problems. Whether you need a preventive or corrective dental cleaning, or other dental treatment, we at Wilson Dentistry are waiting to help you gain the smile you’ve always wanted.

Importance of Teeth Cleaning

Having a bright smile isn't the most important reason for getting a complete dental cleaning. Gum disease is strongly linked with cardiovascular disease. So, in addition to aiding toward healthy teeth and gums, a cleaning might also reduce the odds of a cardiovascular event like a stroke or heart attack. A professional dental cleaning enhances your oral health. If you stick to your cleaning routine, you will have reduced the chances of bacterial related infections.

How We Do Your Dental Cleaning

The cleaning procedure starts with listening to your concerns. In preparation for a dental cleaning, we will ask if you have any preexisting conditions that might affect your dental health.

After that our dental professional will examine your teeth and gums. This examination is intended to determine the extent of the cleaning and whether additional dental attention might be required prior to cleaning. If this is a preventive dental cleaning then it is unlikely that a more intense examination would be necessary.

When the examination is finished, we will start the scaling process. This is the process of removing built up plaque and tartar on the teeth. After scaling is complete, we will give your teeth a good brushing and flossing, followed by polishing. The cleaning ends with the application of a protective fluoride treatment.

Our team of professionals will then provide specific instructions to follow after the procedure, including any likely side effects as a result of the cleaning. Remember that potential side effects are specific to each patient and are typically easy to resolve. No matter what, our team will ensure the cleaning procedure is comfortable for you, and devoid of any serious complications.

Who Needs Teeth Cleaning and How Often?

It is important to remember that during a dental cleaning plaque causing bacteria is removed. That is part of the reason your teeth feel so wonderfully clean afterwards. However, within 24-48 hours, the bacteria will begin to grow again. Even with regular brushing and flossing, it is nearly impossible to remove all of it. So, by the sixth month after your dental cleaning, plaque has begun to develop. As dental professionals, we therefore recommend that those with generally good oral health have a dental cleaning twice annually. There may be situations where a patient may need to see our professionals more often. This is something we will discuss with you during your visit.

Everyone needs to have their teeth examined and cleaned by a dental professional. Children can begin to see a dentist when they are just six months old. We are open for booking your Katy dental cleaning. Call Wilson Dentistry at (346) 340-5440 to schedule your consultation today!

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